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Philadelphia is not called the "City of Brotherly Love" for nothing!  This is a city dedicated to providing those travelling to Philadelphia with a friendly welcome and a memorable stay. Philadelphia is a city with a marvelous variety.  Of course, we have our history.  This is where America was founded and the Historic District is an awesome reminder of the period of Colonialism and the War of Independence. 


World famous Philadelphia sights such as Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the Betsy Ross House, Carpenter’s Hall and the City Tavern are within close walking distance of each other and are must-sees when doing a sightseeing tour of Philadelphia.

Our public art is awe-inspiring.  The City boasts more than 3,000 murals, countless sculptures, colorful mosaic installations and a superb range of architecture, spanning more than 300 years of our history.

Our neighborhoods are numerous and contain open air and indoor markets, such as the Italian Market in South Philly and Reading Terminal Market in Center City.  Every neighborhood provides a striking contrast to the next and there is a huge variety of parks, restaurants, cafes and residential architecture as well as great shopping!

To the west of the City lies the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and the Museum District, filled with grand institutions such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Franklin Institute and uniquely different museums such as the Műtter and Rodin Museums.

And then there are the rivers, the strength and history of the Delaware River to the east and the speed and majesty of the Schuylkill River to the west with its famous boathouses and Waterworks.

Enjoy your visit and make the most of everything Philadelphia city has to offer by joining one of our fascinating Philadelphia tours and take home some unique tales and memories. Urban Adventures also has tours in other US cities like New York, Charlotte and San Francisco.

We'll share our local knowledge with you before you even arrive to Philadelphia.  We keep our site updated with cool Philadelphia events and happenings.  We've been collecting bits of Philadelphia history, trivia, and stories to tell.  We can give you the low down on what to do if you only have 24 hours in Philadelphia, as well as the top things to do in Philadelphia. We can even even tell you the Philadelphia weather forecast (at least for the next 7 days).  Enjoy browsing around the website and reading our detailed Philadelphia day trip itineraries.

You may think, "I know people in Philadelphia.  They can show me around.  Why do I need a Philadelphia city tour?"  Good question.  It's true -- if you have friends and family who live here, they probably know their way around.  But unless they are in the Philadelphia sightseeing business themselves, they probably have not spent enough time being a tourist in their own home town.  Bring them along!  On our Philadelphia walking tours, they are sure to visit spots they have never been and learn things about Philadelphia that they never knew before.  Our Philadelphia facts are just a glimpse of our vast local knowledge of the city.  We have our fingers on the pulse of Philadelphia.  We keep tabs on local events and all the latest happenings.  We will be sure to surprise visitors to Philadelphia and Philly natives with something new.


Italian Market Immersion Philadelphia Italian Market Immersion
from 30 reviews
From USD 25.00

Hit the country’s oldest and largest everyday open-air market for some authentic, Philly foodie action. Fill your calorie quota with cheese, chocolate, deli items, and baked goods, and connect with the merchants and personalities that have shaped the character of this street for generations.


Philly on Tap Beer Tour Philadelphia Philly On Tap
from 12 reviews
From USD 39.00

Tap into Philly's legendary beer scene on this adventure through Philly's bars, pubs, and microbreweries. Make a toast in Philadelphia's oldest pub, sample craft brews, and learn about why Philly is one of America's best beer cities. Beer lovers, include this one in your Philadelphia travel plans! 


History in HD Philadelphia Tour History in HD
from 30 reviews
From USD 25.00

Forget watching History Channel documentaries, why not see the landmarks that shaped America in real life on this Philadelphia tour? From the building where the US Constitution was signed to George Washington's house, and a church where America's founding fathers once sat, this tour even includes a craft beer to help you digest all the history.


Street Food for Thought Philadelphia Tour Street Food for Thought
From USD 39.00

Combine street food and brain food on this Philadelphia tour that takes in the hallowed halls of academia, the glory of the grand terminal, the worship of college sports, and the fun of food trucking!


Center City Holiday Tour, Philadelphia Tour Center City Holiday Tour
from 2 reviews
From USD 35.00

Experience the American festive season on this limited edition Philadelphia tour that celebrates all things Christmas. From outdoor yuletide villages, to holiday-themed light and sound shows, and the greatest window displays in town, it's enough to make the Grinch run and hide.


Markets Mosaics Magic Philly Tour Markets, Mosaics, & Magic
from 3 reviews
From USD 39.00

Art, culture, diversity and of course, the spirit of Rocky lives on in South Philly! Join this Philadelphia tour to see just how eclectic this gritty city is. From Jewish delis to Italian markets, churches, cemeteries, and public art, South Philly is a slice of the real Philly.


Philadelphia Private Tour Philadelphia Private Tour

Love the look of our Philly tours, but feel like customising them to make exactly the tour you're looking for? Well, you're in the right place. 

Put our team of local experts to work to build the perfect itinerary just for you. You can include some of the components of our regular tours, or none at all. This is your tour - so make it your own! If you're not sure, we've got plenty of ideas for what you might want to include. If you let our team of expert locals know your interests, they will come up with all kinds of things! 


Festivals of Philly, Philadelphia tour Festivals of Philly
From USD 79.00

Experience the best of Philadelphia’s festival season! Journey into Philly’s most fun and interesting neighbourhoods for a celebration of art, food, music, beer, and more. Your guide will provide an insider’s perspective to the best of the fests.


TD Bank Philadelphia International Cycling championship
Place: Manayunk to the Art Museum - [ 05/06/2015 ]

A Philadelphia bike race through the Art Museum, the Parkway and the Schuylkill River

Philadelphia Live Arts Festival & Philly Fringe
Place: Philadelphia - [ 02/09/2015 - 17/09/2015 ]

Theatre, dance, music and street performing throughout the City.

Philadelphia Marathon Weekend
Place: Philadelphia - [ 18/11/2015 - 20/11/2015 ]

An annual tradition that includes a kids run, half marathon and full marathon.


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Mr. Dave S.
27 Apr 2015
We did the Historic District tour with Josh S. He was fun and knowledgeable. It was a great experience and we'd do it again. We will definitely look for Urban Adventures opportunities in the future. .
Ms. Aimee A.
02 Apr 2015
I apologize but I forgot our tour guide's name! I was on the Sunday, 3/29 history tour at 2:30pm - our guide (the woman who lived in Russia for awhile) was great!
Ms. Marie F.

01 Apr 2015
Josh Silver was a wonderful guide to the historic district. His knowledge of the city's history was matched by his enthusiasm and apparent enjoyment in sharing what he knew with us. Although the day was cold and windy, we had a great time, thanks to his skill.
Ms. Melinda H.
04 Mar 2015
I was the only person on the Philly on Tap tour, and my guide, Kenny, was fantastic! I really learned a lot about the history of the city. And the beer was great, as well. Highly recommended.
Mrs. Heather H.
29 Jan 2015
Our tour guide was very fun! Got to discuss beer & Philly. He gave us good recommendations for other things to try/do in Philly. Took his recommendation for dinner afterwards.
Mrs. Florence B.
30 Nov 2014
One of the best tours ever, Chuck was knowledgeable, friendly and engaging. His enthusiasm was contagious, and we saw Philadelphia in a whole new perspective. We will definitely recommend the experience to friends and family. Thank you!
Mr. Joseph D.
26 Nov 2014
This tour was exactly what I was seeking -- A solid mix of culture, cuisine, history and fun. Chuck shared his neighborhood with us, providing fun & interesting insights that only a local can. Our group was diverse, but all seemed to enjoy (incl kids). I give it high marks in all categories, and will recommend this tour to others. -Joe DeLauro NYC
Mr. Kathleen P.
16 Nov 2014
We loved the PhilAdelphia Italian Market tour! Very informative, interesting and fun!,, would highly recommend!
Ms. Angela S.

12 Nov 2014
Kenny was an awesome tour guide. He was passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgable. The whole experience was very enjoyable and I would definitely do it again.
Mr. Stephen H.
03 Nov 2014
Since I was the only one signed up for the tour at this day and time it was more like having a very knowledgable friend take me around to show me everything.

Philadelphia's Urban Adventures

The Philadelphia Urban Adventures team is a knowledgeable and energetic group, dedicated to making sure that our urban travelers get the most out of their Philly experience.  We come from a variety of backgrounds and parts of the world, with shared passions for travel, local culture, history, food, music, art and architecture.  And above all we want you to leave Philadelphia with a love for the City that you will share with others when you get home!  

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We craft our tours to ensure every traveller has authentic interactions with local people, businesses, transportation, and food and drink. Local travel gives you the opportunity to experience a destination as locals do, and has the potential to impact you in ways you never imagined. In short: local is awesome.

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